The ByLaws of Awaken The North

Updated August 2020

Organization Name:

The name of this organization shall be Awaken the North. The business of this organization may be done using the name Awaken the North, AtN, or any combination of thereof.

To serve as a nonprofit religious organization (section 501(c)(3) status of the internal revenue code is being sought)
To disseminate accurate knowledge about the history, beliefs, and practices of Modern Heathenry.
To train clergy and scholars in the practice and study of Heathenry.
To produce publications, articles, blogs, and social media content that educate, provide information, and facilitate communication about Modern Heathenry
Promote and facilitate cooperation and community among inclusive groups and individuals
To provide services and programs that aid the wider Pagan community in
accordance with Awaken the North’s mission, vision, and value statements and bylaws.

Mission: Awaken the North is an all-inclusive, zero hate tolerance, group of Heathens who have come together in solidarity and frith to honor and worship the Norse Pantheon.

Vision: Awaken the North envisions a safe space for all, where we may learn, grow, and support each other on our spiritual walks through Heathenry, dedicated to the worship and veneration of the Old Gods.

Values: Awaken the North accepts people from all walks of life regardless of sex, gender, gender identity, ability, nationality, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, race, faith, or creed. We embrace our differences and celebrate the uniqueness of
others. With a strong zero hate tolerance, Awaken the North will not stand for racism, bigotry, or xenophobia of any kind.

Beliefs: Awaken the North is an inclusive Heathen/Asatru organization. We do not enforce or push any specific beliefs on those who attend or join Awaken the North. Our beliefs include acceptance of the Gods and Goddesses included in the indigenous Northern European traditions, known collectively as Heathenry or Asatru. We recognize that modern Heathenry is an individual path that is interdependent on a supporting community. Modern Heathenry/Asatru is a community-focused, individual practice.
Our beliefs do not infringe on the rights of those who join to freely assemble, to conduct themselves according to their consciousness as long as they abide by these Bylaws and the Code of Conduct that is included in Article 3 of these Bylaws and also as a stand-alone document.

Frith: Awaken the North will define frith as the spirit of trust, peace, interdependence, and respect.
Heathenry: Awaken the North defines Heathenry as the beliefs and acceptance of the Gods and Goddesses included in the indigenous Northern European traditions.
Asatru: Awaken the North will be used Asatru interchangeably with Heathenry
Inclusive: Awaken the North is an inclusive organization. This means that we include all people who agree to and maintain the frith as defined by these bylaws, the Code of Conduct, and community standards.
Council: The Council of Chancellors for Awaken the North is the governing body of Awaken the North and serves as the Board of Directors for legal purposes.

The Code of Conduct (CoC) is the rules by which all Awaken the North activities will follow. The following article is one body of rules divided by General Conduct and Social Media Conduct. The division does not separate the enforcement. If a rule within the General Conduct set applies to the Social Media Conduct set, it will be enforced as such and vice versa.

General CoC:
Zero tolerance for racism, bigotry, xenophobia, or any other form of discrimination including, but not limited to:
Gender identity
Sexual orientation
There will be zero tolerance for all forms of bullying.
Sexual harassment will not be tolerated by anyone at any time when Awaken the North is involved.
We hold that all ideas that meet the criteria of the bylaws and Code of Conduct are valid and will be respected.
We do not have or know of a single “one right way” of being Heathen or the practice of any related religious/spiritual activities.
Personal conflicts that are not connected to Awaken the North must remain outside of Awaken the North. Personal conflicts that arise connected to any Awaken the North event, and are not resolved quickly between the parties involved, will be addressed by Awaken the North. If a solution cannot be found, possible consequences can include revocation of membership, suspension, or removal from the activity.
Profanity is not banned; however, we do ask that things stay as family-friendly as possible at the live events. Excessive profanity, lewdness, offensive, or rude behavior will not be tolerated.
No illegal activities will be tolerated at any Awaken the North activities. Laws of the land take precedence during live events.

Social Media CoC
Zero tolerance for any posts, discussions, comments, memes, pictures, or any other form of a post that is racist, bigoted, discriminatory, xenophobia or disrespect towards other members the following categories (but not limited to): Gender Gender identity Race Nationality Ethnicity Sex Sexual orientation Ability Age Faith Creed
Awaken the North has Zero Tolerance for cyberbullying, trolling, or cyberstalking.
Blocking admin/mods is a cause for being banned. If an admin or mod is creating a situation that makes you feel uncomfortable, please contact the High Drighten, or any member of the Council if the High Drighten is the person in question.
Awaken the North, and it’s Facebook group(s) are a community; therefore, topics do not have to remain Heathen/Asatru/Pagan relevant. All discussion topics are welcomed so long as the topic aligns with the bylaws and the Code of Conduct.
Please respect all members’ privacy—no using personal posts from other members without explicit member permission.
Sharing of screenshots from within the group must not include personal information. (i.e. names or profile pictures).
This does not apply to posts from members of the Council.
Advertising is not allowed except by the Chancellor of Affiliated Partners or with their permission.
No posting of pictures, memes, or any other images portraying illegal activity or
legal drug use on Awaken the North’s social media platforms.
Awaken the North has a zero-tolerance policy for any sexual harassment. Consequences will result in immediate removal from all Awaken the North platforms and revocation of membership.
All ideas, UPG (unverified personal knowledge), or opinions on subjective matters will be treated as valid and with respect, so long as they meet the criteria of the bylaws and the CoC. Debates and discussion are encouraged but are to remain in frith and with respect.
We recognize that there is no single right way to be Heathen/Asatru/Pagan; all members should respect one another at all times.
Personal conflicts that do not keep the frith will not be tolerated. You will be asked to take it to a private message board. If it continues, one or all parties will be muted.
Profanity is not banned, but it should not get excessive. Excessive profanity, lewdness, crude/rude behavior will not be tolerated.
All posts must be within the platform community standards.
Awaken the North asks that the poster not delete any comments or posts if there is a violation until an admin has reviewed the post/comment in question. Only Admins and mods can turn off commenting features.
Banned topics a. Political discussions that are not directly related to Heathenry/Asatru/Paganism
Racist remarks, debates, and conversations, symbols used by Nazi/Hate groups, any memes, pictures, comments that do not promote or support the idea that all humans are equal.
Any depiction of illegal activities (including drug use).
Awaken the North reserves the right to add or remove items from this list at any time.

Statement on Inclusivity
Awaken the North is an all-inclusive organization focused on promoting religious, spiritual, and community aspects based on the influence of Heathenry/Asatru. Awaken the North does not reject other paths, nor do we require any members to follow any specific path. Awaken the North recognizes the individualistic nature of all spiritual paths, thus embracing our diversity and welcoming the many different perspectives our members bring to the community.
Awaken the North actively rejects all racist, bigoted, xenophobic or discriminatory actions, words (written and/or spoken), behaviors, and beliefs in any Awaken the North function – both online and offline. Awaken the North will not accept membership of/or ordain anyone who is currently associated with any organization or business that is known to be racist, white supremacist, or promotes hate. Anyone applying for a membership that are former members of these types of organizations or businesses will be subject to a higher amount of scrutiny to ensure their reformation via screening and interviews. Awaken the North will never partner with any kindreds, organizations, or businesses associated or aligned with racist, bigoted, xenophobic or discriminatory actions, behavior, or literature.
Members that misrepresent themselves about current or past affiliations with any organization or business that promotes, endorses, or engages in hate, racism, bigotry, xenophobia, or discriminatory practices to gain membership or benefits of Awaken the North will have their membership revoked. There will be zero tolerance of all hatred accepted by Awaken the North in any function that we have control over online or in person.

All information is given to Awaken the North will be kept confidential. Any information obtained via applications will not be divulged to any outside party for any reason unless in accordance with State law or required by a legally processed warrant.
No applications provided to Awaken the North are available for public view.
Members are allowed to remain anonymous to the public as long as they wish to do so. No member’s true identity will be mentioned directly or indirectly without their prior permission.
Members are allowed to participate in online communications using alternate names as long as Awaken the North knows the person’s true identity.
Full Members, Probational Members, Affiliate Members, or The Council are not required to tell anyone about their role and/or participation with Awaken the North in any way that may violate their personal privacy rights.
If any Members requests to have access to their records, they are fully able to view their records at any time. They also have the right to request their file be destroyed, removed, or closed should they wish to leave Awaken the North, or no
longer participate in events, workshops, notification lists, or any other action. Awaken the North will comply with the said request unless legally unable to do so.
All physical documents will be destroyed by shredding.

Awaken the North will have officers who are all ex officio Directors of the board. These officers/directors will carry the title of Chancellor except for the Scribe and High Drighten. Scribe and High Drighten titles are equal to that of Chancellor. These Chancellors will comprise the Council.
The Council may decide to add assistants, officers, or deputies for any or all positions. This may be done by individual chancellors or by a council vote.
Only those elected to council seats shall have a vote in council manners, unless given proxy powers.
All Chancellors, Scribe, and High Drighten have equal authority on the Council. To satisfy any legal considerations the Council will choose one of the Chancellors to be Chair of the Council on an annual basis.
The Council is the governing body of Awaken the North and manages the day to day affairs of Awaken the North. The Council positions consist of the following titles:
Chancellor of Religious Studies (CoRS)
Chancellor of Public Affairs (CoPA)
Chancellor of the Emissary Program (CoEP)
Chancellor of the Treasury (CotT)
Chancellor of Member Advocacy (CoMA)
Chancellor of Military Services (CoMS)
High Drighten (HD)
The Council consists of volunteer members of Awaken the North. There is no compensation implied or promised for this service.
Awaken the North reserves the power to create or eliminate Council positions as determined by the needs of the organization, growth of membership, and/or for any pertinent reason that is aligned with these bylaws and that benefits the membership and community of AtN.

The Council shall have general management of the business and affairs of Awaken the North
The Council is the supreme authority in the organization and may override the decisions, policies, and practices of any groups within Awaken the North, except that which is voted in by the membership in a general election or vote.

Chancellor of Religious Studies (CoRS) is a member of the Council and has one vote.
CoRS is the religious director of Awaken the North. The CoRS is the President of Awaken the North for legal purposes. The CoRS, and their designees, develops and maintains the Goðar Training Program, administers the ordination process, and leads in all spiritual needs of Awaken the North. The CoRS, and their designees, are the primary contacts for the membership in religious and/or spiritual concerns. The CoRS is active in public-facing venues, such as social media, and is open to the membership.
Chancellor of Public Affairs (CoPA) is a member of the Council and has one vote.
CoPA is responsible for Public relations. The CoPA, and their designees, shall oversee concerns such as advertisement, social media content creation, and directs the overall public face of Awaken the North. CoPA is the voice of the Council to the membership and public, this is done via a monthly newsletter and/or magazine and updating the website. The CoPA is active in all public-facing venues, such as social media, and is open to the membership.
Chancellor of the Emissary Program (CoEP) is a member of the council and has one vote
CoEP, and their designees, operate the outreach programs to promote realworld, grassroots style, community building. The CoEP, and their designees, develop and maintain the training program for Emissaries. The Emissaries are the volunteer members who work within their local area communities by holding open, inclusive events and attending local and area general pagan programs. Emissaries are the outreaching arm of Awaken the North to promote frith and bring new members to Awaken the North. The CoEP is active in public-facing venues, such as social media, and is open to the membership.
Chancellor of the Treasury (CotT) is a member of the Council and has one vote.
CotT serves as the Treasurer for legal matters. CotT is in charge of the finances, tax concerns, bookkeeping, and is the authority on all matters financially. The CotT keeps the Council updated on the financial situation of Awaken the North and ensures that AtN is compliant with all applicable tax laws. The CotT is active in forward-facing venues, such as social media, and is open to the membership.
Chancellor of Member Advocacy (CoMA) is a member of the Council and has one vote.
The CoMA, and their designees, develop and maintain the membership application process. The CoMA maintains member information and ensures that Awaken the North follows all applicable privacy laws and AtN policies. The CoMA, and their designees, reviews all applications and approves or rejects applicants based on criteria set by these bylaws and the
Code of Conduct. The CoMA maintains a member directory that can be used for any verification of members Awaken the North may need. The CoMA, and their designees, is the onboarding contact for all new members and handles issues, concerns and/or problems members and applicants may have with membership-related items. The CoMA is active in public-facing venues, such as social media, and is open to the members.
Chancellor of Military Services (CoMS) is a member of the Council.
The CoMS, and their designees, develop and maintain a program that supports and trains Military Emissaries to support active-duty military personnel in military-specific needs, such as religious services, religious accommodations, and coordinates with base leadership as needed. The CoMS is active in public-facing venues, such as social media, and is open to the membership. The CoMS is the primary contact for active-duty military personnel.
A scribe is a member of the Council and has one vote. The Scribe is considered as a Chancellor for the purpose of conducting monthly meetings.
The Scribe is the Secretary of Awaken the North for legal purposes. The Scribe records all official Council meetings, posts meeting minutes on the website and social media (Facebook), and acts as the Historian/Lore Keeper for Awaken the North. If the Scribe is unavailable for an official meeting the High Drighten will designate another council as a scribe (CoPA is the designated back up). The Scribe is active on public-facing venues, such as social media, and is open to the members.
High Drighten (HD) is a member of the Council and has one vote.
The HD ensures that the Council follows the bylaws, code of conduct, and ethically conducts business. The HD protects the membership from harm, ensures the creation of the safe place in all Awaken the North activities. The HD performs planning and administration duties not specifically covered by the other Chancellors. The HD is active in all public-facing venues, such as social media, and is open to the membership.


Chair Positions
A chair position within Awaken the North is a role that is part of the leadership team for Awaken the North but has no Council authority unless acting as a proxy for a Council member. Chairs are not elected by the membership but are selected either by council vote or by the Chancellor role under which they would serve.
The Council, by majority vote, will create Chair positions as needed to serve the needs of the organization.
The Chair serves at the pleasure of the Council and the Chancellor they serve under. This means that a Chair may be removed or replaced by the choice of the Chancellor or a majority vote by the Council. A newly elected Chancellor may replace any or all chairs serving under them at the Chancellor’s discretion.
Chair of Affiliated Partners (CoAP)
The CoAP administers and promotes the affiliated partner’s program. This is a program where Awaken the North partners with member-owned business, Heathen/Asatru/Pagan centric business, and other businesses/merchants as the Council deems appropriate. The affiliate partner programs and provides for advertising for the partners in exchange for a fee and/or discounts for the members. CoAP is also the Kindred Affiliation representative to the Council. The CoAP is the administrator of all merchandising offered by AtN. The CoAP serves under the Chancellor of Member Advocacy.
Chair of Social Media Outreach (CoSMO)
The CoSMO oversees the social media platforms that Awaken
the North utilizes. The CoSMO manages the content, ensures that the Code of Conduct is maintained and that members are vetted before being allowed into the member-only groups. The CoSMO serves under the Chancellor of Public Affairs

In the event that a member of the Council is suspected, or charged, with violating any of the bylaws, Code of Conduct, and/or acting in an ethical manner the High Drighten (HD) will be responsible for suspending the offending Council member and initiating the investigation process. The offending member will be suspended until the investigation is completed. The High Drighten will gather all pertinent information and evidence. This may include interviewing witnesses/complainants, reviewing any social media posts/comments if that is involved. After the information is gathered, the HD will call a special meeting of the Council. The Council shall review all information and return a vote to acquit or convict. Upon acquittal, the Council member may be returned to full Council membership if they so choose. If the conviction is returned the Council member is immediately and permanently removed from the Council. Depending on the violation, the convicted Council member may have their membership with Awaken the North permanently revoked.
If the High Drighten is the accused, the Chancellor of Religious Studies assumes the HD role.
No member of the council is immune, or above this law.
If the offense is criminal Awaken the North, and all Council members (including the offending member) will cooperate with whichever local, state, or federal agency, as necessary, as required by law.
All members of Awaken the North will be held to laws as detailed in the bylaws and Code of Conduct. AtN will comply with all Social Media platform policies, FCC laws, and all applicable local/state/federal laws and will hold the membership to this same level.
Any admin or mod of any Awaken the North managed social media platforms has the authority to shut off commenting on any post deemed in violation of the bylaws, CoC, or to be unethical. This is to be reported to the CoSMO, or any Council member, for further action.

The Council Members shall be in frequent communication on all matters that pertain to the organizational structure or any other matter that concerns the operation of Awaken the North. At least once per month, an official meeting will take place in which The Council will be updated on all Council projects and any issues or other matters by the members. The list of projects will be kept updated. The agenda and conduction of the meeting will be a duty of the High Drighten.
Each Chancellor will have a report for their Chancellorship for each meeting.
The total number of available Council votes will be defined as the total number of Council members who hold office at the time of the meeting. The Present Number is defined as those council members in attendance in person or by proxy at the start of the meeting.
Full Council vote will be defined as all members of the Council currently serving in the office are present for the vote.
Quorum is defined as being more than half of the total number of Council members (rounded up).
All votes require a simple majority to pass unless the articles of incorporation or these bylaws require otherwise.
Official meetings can be called to be called by any member of the Council at any time outside of the routine interval. A quorum is required to schedule an off-cycle meeting.
Awaken the North will use the standard Julian calendar to define the frequency of the meetings.
Unofficial meetings may happen even if a quorum is not present. Unofficial meetings could be used for decisions on matters that are part of the day to day operations but outside of clearly defined bylaws, code of conduct, or generally accepted best practices and are not concerning legal or business-critical issues. An example of this would be a Chancellor, acting in their role, comes across an issue that is not clearly in opposition to any rule, bylaw, or code of conduct or not clearly defined in their role description. These meetings would typically be conducted via a Council chat forum (such as Facebook messenger).
No Council member retains any “veto” authority.
Full Council voting is required for:
Business-critical items
Adoption of Bylaws
Approval of the Articles of Incorporation
Amendments and updates to the Bylaws
Creating, or eliminating Council positions
The large expense and/or investment of Awaken the North funds.
“Large” will be determined by anything that requires more than 25% of the total available funds.
Semi-Annual meetings
The Council may allow any non-Council attendees in the meeting for the whole meeting or any part for any reason deemed necessary by the Council.
All official Council meetings shall be recorded, and minutes taken. The recording and minutes shall be posted on the website in the member’s section for review by all members.

Membership in Awaken the North is open to anyone looking for a connection to a community of individuals who share interests in Heathenry, for religious or cultural reasons, not based on racial or political reasons.
Awaken the North shall not discriminate against any applicant based on, but not limited to, the following
Gender identity
Sexual orientation

Membership levels
Probationary member is a person who has applied and has been approved for membership but has not yet completed 90 days of membership. Probationary members do not have access to the benefits of a full member.
A Full Member is a person who has applied and has been approved for membership and has completed 90 days as a member. Has access to all member benefits.
Affiliated Member is a person or group of people, such as those of a Kindred, who are connected to the Awaken the North through an affiliate program. Individual members of such affiliated group may have access to some member benefits, but only those members who have applied and have been approved for membership with AtN as an individual will be able to vote.
Member benefits
Voting in all general and special elections
Access to Clergy Training Program
Ability to become an Emissary
Can hold elected office

Membership applications are completed online at Awaken the North’s website. All applicants must complete all required information requested, honestly, and accurately. Any applicant found to have falsified information on the application to gain membership will have their membership revoked. Applicants are permitted to use a fake identity or a screen name on an application if they are willing to disclose their legal name to the CoMA, their designee, or any member of the Council who needs to know. If a member does not wish to have their real identity known, publicly – for any reason deemed important to the applicant – they must inform the CoMA or their designee. AtN will honor this request so long as no other member would be harmed in any way by allowing this.
Rejected Applications: The rejected application is filed in the database as a record only. The applicant is sent an email with the following: date of rejection, the reason for rejection, and the information for requesting an appeal. The applicant has 30 days to appeal the rejection. If they do not appeal within the specified time period Awaken the North will consider the rejection as accepted by the applicant. Rejected applications who either did no appeal or appeal and were denied the appeal will be prevented from becoming members. They may request a review one year after rejection or denial of the appeal.
Disciplinary Action for members
Awaken the North reserves the right to discipline or expel any member who has been deemed to have violated these bylaws, Code of Conduct, or the spirit of the mission, vision, or values of Awaken the north.
The purpose is foremost to maintain the frith of the community and the integrity of the organization while upholding the rights and freedoms of the individual members. When a member’s behavior impedes the community’s frith or the
ability to maintain a constructive and safe environment for all members discipline will be necessary.
Any discipline shall be handled in an expeditious manner as possible without compromising honesty or honorable investigations.
All members can bring forth a grievance, however, Awaken the North does not get involved in personal disputes. Any grievance found to be a result of a personal dispute shall not be handled by Awaken the North unless the bylaws or code of conduct are violated.
All Members, whether bringing forth a grievance, or the subject of an investigation, regardless of their position with AtN, will be treated fairly and justly in any disciplinary action.
Any Council member has the authority to decide to suspend any member for up to one week without a Council vote.
A minimum of Quorum is required for further suspension. Revocation requires a full Council vote.
The suspension will prevent the member from utilizing any Awaken the North benefits or privileges, including voting. This will be a progressive process, that is cumulative over the lifetime of the member.
Awaken the North reserves the right to escalate to any step depending on the severity and disruption caused.
The process will be the following, unless the High Drighten, the Council or their designees, determine that the offense warrants escalation:
A warning will be issued asking that the behavior desist
If the behavior continues, at any point, the HD will take any or all of the following actions:
Remove the offending post
Mute the offending member
Suspend the member
A third offense will result in an immediate suspension for a minimum of one week.
A fourth violation will result in a minimum of two weeks suspension.
Any violation after that will result in the immediate revocation of membership.
Malicious behavior will result in revocation without any steps or progression after an investigation is conducted. Reported malicious behavior will result in the member being suspended during the investigation
No disciplinary action shall include any physical or fiduciary harm other than possible forfeiture of membership fees paid.


Awaken the North does not claim to be the enforcers of any standard of conduct outside of the events and activities directly sanctioned by AtN. It is expected that members conduct themselves in a way that reflects positively of Awaken the North at all times, across all social media platforms. AtN will not actively search for violations outside of AtN controlled events/activities unless for vetting purposes for a volunteer role. AtN will take complaints from all members seriously and look into the claims. Disciplinary action may be required.
Canceling Membership
Any full member may cancel their membership at any time for any reason.
Council members may resign their position at any time for any reason. With or without notification. All Awaken the North property must be returned to the Chancellor of the Treasury within 30 days of resignation.
All funds donated to and/or received by Awaken the North for any purpose are to be used at the sole discretion of Awaken the North for the operation of and in support of the purpose of the organization. The funds may not be used for personal gains or any activity which would be considered a “corporate venture”, an investment or any activity which is seen as a profit. All Funds will be used under all applicable tax laws pertaining to charitable organizations, such that found in section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue
A financial report will be provided by the Chancellor of the Treasury the Council no less than quarterly and posted on the website in the member section.
Chancellor of the Treasury acts as a controller for all expenses and expenditures made from Awaken the North account(s).
Any withdrawals from AtN funds will require the signatures of three (3) currently sitting council members. All receipts for the item(s) obtained with these funds will be submitted to the Treasurer within seventy-two (72) hours.

General terms
All Council positions are open for elections and are subject to role-specific qualifications. These qualifications will be decided on by the sitting council members and posted ahead of the election.
Elections are held in January each year with the term starting on April 1 of the same year.
Off-cycle elections will be held to fill any council vacancy that arises for any reason if there is more than 1 year remaining of the term.
The newly elected Council member elected will serve the remaining term of the vacated position.
All candidates shall meet the qualifications decided on by the council before the election
There will not be an Election Officer selected for off-cycle elections
All other rules and procedures will follow the same process as a regular election.
Council positions have a term of 3 years with 1/3 of the council elected every year
High Drighten
Chancellor of Religious Studies
Chancellor of Military Services
Chancellor or Public Affairs
Chancellor of Member Advocacy
Chancellor of Emissary Program
Chancellor of Social Media Outreach
Chancellor of Affiliated Partners
In the meeting, before the election, The Council shall approve the ballot items for the election.
No changes to the bylaws shall be made during the election period
No changes to the election process shall be made after the nomination process has begun.

Election Officer (EO)
The Council shall choose an election officer to oversee the election process.
The elections officer shall not be a current candidate for any position
The EO shall not be a current member of the council
The EO shall be a full member in good standing
The EO shall be chosen in November before the election.
The EO serves from November to January, the election cycle. The EO may be recalled at any time in case of a dispute.
The EO shall verify the nominee(s) meet(s) the qualifications for the position.
The EO announces the nominees in December before the election.
The EO, Member Advocate, and Public Affairs shall count the votes for all ballot items and certify the count.
Public Affairs shall announce the results to the members via the website and social media platforms.
High Drighten will take the place of the Member Advocate in the years that the Member Advocate is elected.
The EO ensures that the election is fairly held and that any and all applicable laws, rules, or standards are upheld.
The EO ensures that ballots are accurate, that the items listed in the council minutes are on the ballot.
Any full member in good standing is eligible for nomination for any open council seat, so long as they meet the basic qualifications for the position.
Current council members are automatically nominees for their role unless they decide to opt-out.
If a current council wishes to run for another council position a special election will be held to fill the vacancy if they win the new seat.
The sitting Council member will assume the new role after their current role is filled.
No candidate may run for more than a position at a time
The CoPA calls for nominations on November 1 prior to the election
Nominations run through November 20
May be nominated by self or another full member.
Candidates are announced no later than the first Sunday after the first full week of December.
Nominees may campaign during the month of December after formally being announced by the Election Officer.
This may be done in the following ways

Social Media posts
Any platform used by Awaken the North, on official AtN accounts 

Shall not be done via email, phone, text, FB Messenger, or any other personal or private means
Acceptable Campaigning posts
How the candidate is qualified?
Why they want to be elected?
Realistic goals for the position during their term
Answering member questions relevant to the position
Unacceptable Campaign posts
Anything that violates the bylaws, CoC, or any other applicable rule
No “Mudslinging” – the candidate shall not discuss, compare, or mention any opponent as part of a campaign ad that could be seen as an attack.
Any posts made outside of Awaken the North Social media platforms.

Each full member in good standing shall have one vote per ballot item.
Votes will be cast on the website in a secret ballot style.

Upon dissolution of this organization, assets shall be distributed between one (1) or more comparable 501(c)3 organizations of the Council’s choosing.