Awaken the North's Code of Coduct

Awaken the North
Code of Conduct 2020
Updated 06/06/2020

1 – Awaken the North – Statement on inclusivity and stance on hatred, racism and internet violations of human rights.
June 2, 2020

Awaken the North is an all-inclusive organization focused on promoting religious,
spiritual, and community aspects based on the influence of ancient Nordic, Icelandic, and Northern European culture. Awaken the North does not reject other paths, nor do we require any members to follow any specific path. Awaken the North recognizes the individualistic nature of all spiritual paths, thus embracing our diversity and welcoming the many different perspectives our members bring to the community.

Awaken the North actively rejects all racist, bigoted, xenophobic or discriminatory
actions, words (written and/or spoken), behaviors, and beliefs in any Awaken the North function – both online and offline. Awaken the North will not accept membership of/or ordain anyone who is currently associated with any organization or business that is known to be racist, white supremacist, or promotes hate. Anyone applying for a membership that are former members of these types of organizations or businesses will be subject to a higher amount of scrutiny to ensure their reformation via screening and interviews. Awaken the North will never partner with any kindreds, organizations, or businesses associated or aligned with racist, bigoted, xenophobic or discriminatory actions, behavior, or literature.

Members that misrepresent themselves about current or past affiliations with any
organization or business that promotes, endorses, or engages in hate, racism, bigotry,
xenophobia, or discriminatory practices to gain membership or benefits of Awaken the North will have their membership revoked. There will be zero tolerance of all hatred accepted by Awaken the North in any function that we have control over online or in person.

2 – Code of Conduct
The Code of Conduct (CoC) is the rules by which all Awaken the North activities will follow. The following article is one body of rules divided by General Conduct and Social Media Conduct. The division does not separate the enforcement . If a rule within the General Conduct set applies to the Social Media Conduct set, it will be enforced as such and vice versa.

General CoC
1. Zero tolerance for racism, bigotry, xenophobia, or any other form of discrimination
including, but not limited to:
a. Gender
b. Gender identity
c. Race
d. Nationality
e. Ethnicity
f. Sex
g. Sexual orientation
h. Ability
i. Age
j. Faith
k. Creed
2. There will be zero tolerance for all forms of bullying.
3. Sexual harassment will not be tolerated by anyone at any time when Awaken the North is involved.
4. We hold that all ideas that meet the criteria of the bylaws and Code of Conduct are valid and will be respected.
5. We do not have or know of a single “one right way” of being Heathen or the practice of any related religious/spiritual activities.
6. Personal conflicts that are not connected to Awaken the North must remain outside of
AtN. Personal conflicts that arise connected to any Awaken the North event, and are not
3 resolved quickly between the parties involved, will be addressed by Awaken the North. If a solution cannot be found, possible consequences can include revocation of membership, suspension, or removal from the activity.
7. Profanity is not banned; however, we do ask that things stay as family-friendly as
possible at the live events. Excessive profanity, lewdness, offensive, or rude behavior will not be tolerated.
8. No illegal activities will be tolerated at any Awaken the North activities. Laws of the land take precedence during live events.

Social Media CoC
1. Zero tolerance for any posts, discussions, comments, memes, pictures, or any other form of a post that is racist, bigoted, discriminatory, xenophobia or disrespect towards other members the following categories (but not limited to):
a. Gender
b. Gender identity
c. Race
d. Nationality
e. Ethnicity
f. Sex
g. Sexual orientation
h. Ability
i. Age
j. Faith
k. Creed
2. Awaken the North has Zero Tolerance for cyberbullying, trolling, or cyberstalking.
3. Blocking admin/mods is a cause for being banned. If an admin or mod is creating a
situation that makes you feel uncomfortable, please contact the High Drighton, or any
member of the Council if the High Drighton is the person in question.
4. Awaken the North, and it’s Facebook group(s) are a community; therefore, topics do not have to remain Heathen/Asatru/Pagan relevant. All discussion topics are welcomed so
long as the topic aligns with the bylaws and the Code of Conduct.
5. Please respect all members’ privacy—no using personal pictures posted by other
members without explicit member permission.
6. Advertising is not allowed except by the Chancellor of Affiliated Partners or with their permission.
7. No posting of pictures, memes, or any other images portraying illegal activity or drug use on Awaken the North’s social media platforms.
8. Awaken the North has a zero-tolerance policy for any sexual harassment. Consequences
will result in immediate removal from all Awaken the North platforms and revocation of
9. All ideas, UPG (unverified personal knowledge), or opinions on subjective matters will be treated as valid and with respect, so long as they meet the criteria of the bylaws and the CoC. Debates and discussion are encouraged but are to remain in frith and with respect.
10. We recognize that there is no single right way to be Heathen/Asatru/Pagan; all members should respect one another at all times.
11. Personal conflicts that do not keep the frith will not be tolerated. You will be asked to take it to a private message board. If it continues, one or all parties will be muted.
12. Profanity is not banned, but it should not get excessive. Excessive profanity, lewdness,
crude/rude behavior will not be tolerated.
13. All posts must be within the platform community standards.
14. Awaken the North asks that the poster not delete any comments or posts if there is a violation until an admin has reviewed the post/comment in question. Only Admins and
mods can turn off commenting features.
15. Banned topics
a. Political discussions that are not directly related to Heathenry/Asatru/Paganism
b. Racist remarks, debates, and conversations, symbols used by Nazi/Hate groups,
any memes, pictures, comments that do not promote or support the idea that all
humans are equal.
c. Any depiction of illegal activities (including drug use).
d. Awaken the North reserves the right to add or remove items from this list at any