Meet the Council

Here are the members of the Council for Awaken the North! We are all volunteers, and here to help you in whichever manner we can! Each member was picked for their dedication to the cause of creating a safe space for all to learn! Together, we represent all aspects of life: young, old, straight, gay, transgender,  non-binary, Pagan raised and “reformed” Heathens with extensive Abrahamic backgrounds. We have a wide variety of perspectives from Heathens, Pagans, Druids, Witches, and eclectics! Our diversity is what makes us strong, and allows us the opportunity to be exposed to other frames of mind, ideas, and world views. 

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Chancellor of Religious Affairs

Casey “Beast” Clark


Hailsa! I am Beast, the Chancellor of Religious Studies here at Awaken The North! I look forward to leading our members on the spiritual journey of a lifetime! Skal!

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Chancellor of the Emissary Program

Chris Claus


Greetings fellow heathens! I wanted to take a minute to introduce myself. I’m Chris Claus, the Chancellor of the Emissary Program. I’ve been a heathen for 10 or so years now, and have been more focused on my faith for the past two or three years.

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Laurel Rae Clark


Hello, all! My name is Laurel Clark. I am Beast’s wife, and the Scribe for Awaken the North. It is my job to keep you all up to date on what the Council is doing, and keep the official logs of our meetings. If I can help you in any way, please feel free to contact me via email by clicking the button below.

cal hd

High Drighton

Cynthia “Cal” Leffler


My name is Cynthea Leffler but you can just call me Cal. As a member of this Council, I seek to expand my knowledge of the teaching of my ancestors and how they relate to my own beliefs in the great cycle of time. As your High Drighten it is my great pleasure to help ensure that we provide a welcoming and open community to all our kin. I serve as the “sheriff” of our community, ensuring that all of our members are being treated properly and fairly. Please feel free to contact me with any concerns or questions you may have.

Chancellor of Military Services 

Rebecca Simon


Heilsa all! I’m Becca, the Chancellor of Military Services at AtN! My role is to assist our uniformed members with their path and the way it falls within the military! Like you’ll see in the video, if you have any questions or need help hit that “email the coms” button! Hail to the Aesir and to the Vanir! Hail to Awaken the North!


Chancellor of Member Affairs

Anja Solsystir


Anja is a practicing Heathen Witch in the red deserts of Utah. She has studied Christianity, Wicca, Green Witchcraft, Modern Traditional Witchcraft, and has been initiated in Modern Hekatean Witchcraft. It is the Norse path that has truly called her home, however, and she is eager to one day be a dedicated Gyðja. She honors the sun goddess, Sunna, and specializes in divination through tarot, oracle, and runes. 

Chancellor of Public Affairs

Calista Horvath


Calista is a Heathen of around 7 years, though she grew up in the Church and even attended a theological university before finding her true home with the Gods. She is married to her best friend, a great big bearded Canadian who swept her off her feet and away from her homeland of Tennessee to take up residence in Ontario. Together they have two cats and a dog, a 165 year old house with an attitude, and the friendly ghost of the doctor who lived there before. Calista is dedicated to the Allfather, has a close ‘working’ relationship with Thor, and is ever learning and growing and creating bonds with the rest of the Aesir, Vanir, Ancestors, and Wights.

Chancellor of the Treasury

Russ Ferguson


Heilsa! My name is Russell Ferguson, the Chancellor of the Treasury. My canine companion, Loki, and I live in a tiny cabin in the Santa Cruz Mountains. I came to Heathenry within the last couple of years; it’s the first spiritual path that’s truly resonated with me. Óðinn & Loiki Laufeyjarson are the two Norse Gods I’m most drawn to, at least for the time.

Chancellor of Racial Diversity

Storm Smith


Hello all! My name is Storm and I serve as the Chancellor for Racial Diversity. What does that mean? I am here to help anyone considered a racial minority by answering questions and spreading awareness throughout our organization, as well as identifying opportunities for our organization to reach out and aid the BIPOC communities! As a POC, I have seen the misinformation spread about Heathenry, and I am here to help if you are searching. I came to Heathenry fairly recently but have felt at home in a way I never have before. The gods call to who they will and they called me long ago (I’m very stubborn). I share my life with a husband and three dogs Frost, Parka, and Nella, who I affectionately call “The Gremlin.”

Chairs & Assistants

Goði Beast's Assistant

Lady Galaxy

I have been a lifetime pagan, growing up with heavy Native American and Jewish influences. Recently, and finally openly Heathen.
I am mother of two creative young girls who continue to teach me about myself and the universe daily. I am a professional spray paint artist and owner of Lady Galaxy’s live art experience. I have had the privilege of traveling and exploring much of the United States, experiencing the beautiful variety of humans and countryside from coast to coast. I have enjoyed studying tribal and pre-Christian religions and am excited to use my passion for research and knowledge here at Awaken the North. And plan to be a dedicated Gyðja in the future.

Official TikTok'er



Hailsa all! I’m Finn (they/them pronouns) and I run the TikTok page for Awaken the North, @AwakenTheNorthOfficial.
I’ve been a practicing Heathen for 5 years, and have been practicing green witchcraft for just as long. I’m happy to connect with other members of the community and share mead recipes 😉, magic, and discussions on the lore of our Heathen faith. A couple of my passions are making mead and working to expand my acting career! Skål!

Chair of Social Media Outreach

Sarah Dowell


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Awaken the North's Vitki

Kurt Hoogstraat


Kurt Hoogstraat is a Vitki and Gothi living in northern Illinois. He is the founder of the Facebook group Vitki/Volva Forum. His personal Facebook page is A Contemporary Vitki. He is the author of the books “Vitki Musings” and “On Contemporary Seidr” both available exclusively on Amazon. His blog is Esoteric Musings.

Chair of Kaupmaðr Félag

Kat Killmaster

Hailsa All! My name is Kathryn, but I go by Kat or Skírr (which means pure in old Norse like Kathryn does in English). I grew up in a Christian home, but I never felt like I belonged. About 8 years ago is when I really felt drawn to the pagan paths. I have studied Wicca, though it is not the path that called to me. The paths  that called to me really are Norse paganism, which I have been following for about 4 years now, and Druidry, following for about 2 years. I live in Idaho with my wife and our 2 fur babies. A male American short hair cat named Sukko and a female mini-Dachshund named Peanut. I work in health care, so I feel drawn to the goddess Eir, but lately I have been called to Óðinn and Freyr. I hope to one day become a Gyðja in the future for my Kindred in Boise ID.

Chair of the Kindred Affiliation Program

Dilan Motsenbocker


~information coming soon~

Chair of Regnbue Aett

Brad Morlan

Hello everyone! My name is Brad, it’s nice to meet you!
I am an out and proud gay man since I was 15 years old. I am a new heathen with years of
experience and study of Celto-Arthurian and Grail centric paganism for the last 30 years or so.
I’m open and honest with everyone, but I don’t claim to know everything there is to know about
anything. If you need to talk I will listen. If I don’t have the right kind of advice if you need it, we
can work through it together. That way we all learn something new! I look forward to serving
our community!