Chancellor of Religious Studies

Casey "Beast" Clark

Hailsa, and welcome to Awaken the North! I am Casey “Beast” Clark, the Chancellor of Religious Studies, and leader of this ragtag band. I have been a Heathen for many years, and while I venerate all of the Aesir and Vanir, I find myself most connected with Bragi. I am a proud father of four children, the youngest of which is biologically mine. The other three, my “bonus children”, came as a package deal with the adorable redhead who -for some reason- decided to say yes when I asked her to marry me several years ago. Whether by birth or by love, all four are mine, and I tell them this quite often. I sit on the Council here at Awaken the North, am a Den Leader for cub scouts for my younger two children, active in Scouts BSA for my older two children, and run my own business, Beast’s Curiosities, as I am also a craftsman and maker of cool things… My goal with Awaken the North is to provide a space for all to come learn, free from judgement, and gain a solid base in our beliefs of Heathenry. I take an academic approach to the lore and histories, trying to suss out what is fact, as opposed to unverified personal gnosis. UPG has it’s place, to be sure, but I feel we need a solid foundation to build off of first. Together with my team of wonderful people on the Council, I welcome you to our halls, and hope it will be a pleasant journey for you, as it has been for me! If you have any questions, feel free to contact me!