Bragi’s Hearth

Welcome to Bragi’s Hearth. The god of eloquence, poetry, and song, Bragi has long inspired the artists within us to create their beauty, put pen to paper, fingers to strings, voice to song. Here is a random collection of artwork submitted by our members!

Table of Contents


Hlin – Goði Beast

Then is fulfilled Hlín’ssecond sorrow,when Óðinn goesto fight with the wolf,and Beli’s slayer,bright, against Surtr.Then shall Frigg’ssweet friend fall. ~Voluspa, Stanza 53 Hlín, Great Consoler,

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My Lady – Finn Odinnson

Queen of the darknessLokisdottir, Hel,I seek you in thine hallows,Bless me with thine bright face.My Lady show me the pathThrough my shadows.Take me to where

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