Kaupmaðr Félag (Fellowship of Merchants)

Welcome to Awaken the North’s Kaupmaðr Félag! This term translates from Old Norse to “Fellowship of Merchants”, and is a place to see the wares and offerings of some of the finest Heathen craftsmen in the world. Please visit the businesses listed below and help support our brothers and sisters!

If you would like to have your business participate in Kaupmaðr Félag, please submit an application for review by clicking the button below.

Beast's Curiosities

Whether it’s a Heathen, Pagan, Geek, or Nerdy, we have the perfect gift for all your shopping needs! From custom clothing to dice sets to runes.. we have it all. Everything is custom made by hand here in our shop, and custom orders are more than welcome! 


Matching natural materials for best intentions

Gaia's Natureworks

Welcome to my little shop. My passion is crafting items to promote happiness, love, and harmony. You can look forward to incense, soaps, lotions, spell jars, tea leaf mixes, room and body sprays, oils, and who know what else here at the NatureWorks.

The Herb Witch Shoppe

wyrtgælstre creating traditional and authentic heathen wares Specializing in Norse, Old Saxon Heathenry as well as Norse Shamanic ritual tools.
Hardcore herbwitch creating Heathen wares and honouring my ancestors through the creation of hand made, traditional wares in honour of my ancestors. Keeping the old ways alive and following the herbal path. Here you will find no chemicals, no crap and no hard sell. Blessings to your home and hearth!!

Chaotic Death

A maker of things, many things, varying on weirdness. Some are useful, some are dust collectors. All are unique. Contact me with any questions or orders.

Stark Raven Studios

We are a husband and wife partnership creating handcrafted goods and fine arts as part of a larger purpose to live as independently and responsibly on our piece of the earth as we can.